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Wholesale Synthetic Motor Oil

Innovation and Leadership     
Get Wholesale synthetic Motor Oil & Filter Online. AMSOIL Wholesale synthetic Motor oil has a documented history of innovation and leadership. In 1972, AMSOIL introduced the first American Petroleum Institute rated 100% synthetic motor oil for automotive applications. AMSOIL was the first to introduce a concept of "extended drain intervals" with a recommended 25,000-mile / 12-month drain interval. AMSOIL lubricant technology has been field tested over the last 35 years in the most severe driving conditions. Including family fleets, over the road big rigs, towing, hauling and of course racing motoroil, diesel grease, filters gear lube.

3 Levels of High Performance Motor Oils - 25k, 10k & OEM

Amsoil has 3 levels of performance oils



Amsoil synthetic motor oil Signature series

AMSOIL Signature Series Line (25 k mile/1 yr drain interval)

AMSOIL 0W-20 (ASM), 5W-30 (ASL) and 10W-30 (ATM) Synthetic Motor Oils join AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-30 to round out the new Signature Series line. Signature Series 0W-30 is now identified by product code AZO. Product code SSO will be discontinued and is only available while supplies last.

In addition to being reformulated to meet the latest API SN Resource Conserving and ILSAC GF-5 industry specifications, the new Signature Series line features all-new packaging and represents the very best motor oils AMSOIL has to offer, allowing motorists to take advantage of maximum extended drain intervals. In the interest of consistency and clarity within the Signature Series line, all four motor oils are recommended for drain intervals of up to 25,000 miles/one year, whichever comes first (15,000 miles/one year in severe service conditions).  Click to see 25 k mile oil page.


Amsoil 10k mile oils

AMSOIL XL Extended Life Synthetic Motor Oils (10 k mile/6 mo drain interval)

AMSOIL XL Extended Life Synthetic Motor Oils provide better wear control, high- and low-temperature protection and increased fuel economy compared to conventional oils. Formulated with extended-drain boost technology, AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils provide superior performance for up to 10,000-miles/six months, or longer when recommended in owner’s manuals or indicated by electronic oil life monitoring systems. Click here to See all the 10k mile oils.


Amsoil OE 5w20 5w30 10w30

AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil (For Manufacturers Oil change requirements) 

AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil line. Priced competitively with other standard-drain synthetic motor oils, OE Synthetic Motor Oils offer the protection and performance benefits of a high-quality synthetic for OEM-recommended drain intervals. GM Dexos 1 oils included. Click here to go to OE page




AMSOIL Lubricants ... 
AMSOIL wholesale Synthetic Motor Oils dramatically outperform conventional petroleum motor oils.  Synthetic lubricants are engineered, synthesized lubricants  consisting of 100% PAO Formulated Basestock Technology, and maybe made to fulfill virtually every lubricating need.  The molecular uniformity of synthetic lubricants promote superior lubrication and friction reduction, which in turn promotes superior heat control, wear control and energy efficiency. Molecular uniformity also helps synthetics maintain their protective viscosity in high-temperature operations, which also promotes superior wear control. Because they are derived from pure chemicals, synthetic lubricants contain no contaminants or molecules that “don’t pull their own weight”. Synthetic Lubricants contain no paraffin or wax molecules like conventional lubricants.



  Why AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils? 0w30 Premium motor oil 
They reduce friction, heat and wear for maximum power, performance and fuel efficiency. Resistant to high temperature burn off, chemical breakdown and "sludging"  keeping engines cleaner. Provides low temperature fluidity for fast, dependable winter starts and cold start protection. Exceed the most demanding world-wide performance standards and meet warranty requirements for all domestic and imported passenger car engines, both turbo-charged and non-turbo-charged. AMSOIL Signature Series provide up to 25,000-mile or 1-year drain intervals.   

  AMSOIL Extensive Product Line 
The AMSOIL extensive product line includes the finest quality Engine, Diesel Oils, Gear Lubes, Greases, Industrial Lubricants, Extreme Condition Lubricant and Filtration Products.

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About the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program


What are the benefits of being a Preferred Customer?


As a Preferred Customer, you can buy all of AMSOIL products at wholesale prices (the same exact prices that dealers pay).

Customers who are not Preferred Customers are charged full retail pricing from the catalog at time of purchase.


AMSOIL ships to all customers and dealers through U.P.S. from various warehouses throughout the United States and Canada, so shipping is typically very fast no matter where you live.

The Preferred Customer program allows the public to be able to buy at the same wholesale prices that a dealer would pay without the responsibilities of being a dealer. This will enable you to receive anywhere from up to 25-30% discounts on all products. You can always renew the membership in the future at any time to continue to receive the benefits of the substantially lower wholesale pricing. Once again, to see the savings, click here to get the wholesale price list.

As a Preferred Customer, you will not have to pay the retail pricing and there's no limits on orders. Simply take a moment to fill out this quick and easy form and we will get your membership processed right away.


 If you would like to contact us or have questions or feedback about our products and services, please send your request using the form below. Feel free to call with your questions.

“Personal contact information will only be used to provide requested information or assistance. You will not be enrolled in advertising or marketing programs and your information will not be shared or sold.” 
It's quick and easy to register. Click the link to register as a AMSOIL Preferred Customer 6 month trial membership.

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Synthetic Distribution is an authorized distributor of Amsoil Wholesale Motoroil Online, the Finest Quality synthetic lubrication products on the market today!
From synthetic motor oil, compressor oil, 2 cycle oil to synthetic grease and gear lube, Amsoil has it all. No need to worry about what products are right for you, we can match up your application with the correct Amsoil product and have it shipped directly to your door step in a matter of days. Let us work with you and answer any questions you might have about our synthetic products. Simply fill out this form What do I need? or use the Product ApplicationGuide  to get your needs answered. You may also email your question to . We will do our very best to resond to your email within 24 hrs. mon-Fri.

AMSOIL Inc. manufactured the first API-rated synthetic motor oil (in 1972) and has led the industry ever since. Currently, the AMSOIL product line includes the finest quality synthetic motor oils, synthetic diesel oils, synthetic greases, industrial lubricants, oil filter, air filter and more. AMSOIL also provides a business opportunity that is second to none, plus purchasing plans for retail outlets and commercial fleets.

 THE AMSOIL CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, MANUFACTURING PLANT, AND MAIN DISTRIBUTION CENTER are located in Superior, Wisconsin, with several regional warehouses strategically located throughout North America and overseas. These facilities cover a total of nearly 700,000 square feet.

The state-of-the-art lubricant production plant contains materials blending and bulk storage facilities, as well as highspeed bottling lines and packaging equipment. The main warehouse serves as the hub of a global distribution network; bottles, cases, drums and totes bearing the AMSOIL label are shipped worldwide. Capacity is geared to meet projected market demands decades away.

The AMSOIL administrative functions are centrally located and outfitted with the latest in communications and information processing equipment. The entire complex is staffed by a cooperative, knowledgeable and well-disciplined team of approximately 300 employees.

I look forward to working with you personally. If you have any questions, you may want to first look at the retail online catalog , available free by filling out the Catalog Request form.You can also Email me or visit the AMSOIL Online Storefront for product information and online ordering.

If you are still unsure of your needs, simply fill out THIS FORM and I will get you the information you desire.

Best Regards,
Joe Lee 

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